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Kuroyanagi Shouten Co.Ltd Att:Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi is no more available, but
Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd japan. MR Kazuo Kuroyanagi english conversation available 247-38 Fukusumi Ono city Hyougo Japan 675-1309 tel fax+81 794 67 2197

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Sell Export Used Piano from Japan

Mr.Joe Sample? Or Mr.Marcus Miller--electric bass player. We are Used piano export all range spinet, console, up and concert grand being located near Hamatsu city which is mecca of piano manufacture.

Kazuo.K's profile-- exporter of used piano. THE DEFINITION OF PIANO--good sound. That is all. If I am a buyer I do not care if re-buildable, reconditioned or as it is as ong as piano produce good sound. And some will mind decor of piano. Re-bildable piano sometimes is economical, specailly for concert grands piano, reasoning of being high priced set-up connecting iron portion craks.

WE SELL 'AS IT IS' AND "RE-BUILDABLE" USED PIANO. PLEASE MAKE CLEAR IF as it is re-buildable or as it is condition.

Packing MODE: 20' container (15-16 units up-right case) minimum (1 or 2 units shipment do not pay there, because of sea-freight charges)

Piano age information Yamaha 1979 2770001-301000 1980 3010000-3250000 1981 3250001-3480000 1982 3480000-3670000 1983 3670001-3880000 1985 4090001-4250000 1986 4250001-4390000 1987 4390001-4510000 1988 4510001-4690000 1989 4690001-4820000


1979/Mar 950001-1050000 1980/Mar 1050001-1150000 1981/Jan 1150001-1200000 1981/Dec 1200001-1300000 1983/Jan 1300001-1400000 1984/June 1400001-1500000 1984/Dec 1500001-1550000 1986/Mar 1550001-1650000 1986/Nov 1650001-1700000 1988/Mar and so on.----still last for piano age, but end here.

Let's get side-tracked a bit for your rest. Rather US make synthsizer Eiensonic is quite good for music performance and Gibson eletric guitar (US make) and US make Peaavy amprifier. I simply respect US make goods for my musician life. But only JPN make belong to guitar moog. I also Eiensonic sampling machines for editting sound. But my piano is all JPN make. My piano is C7 GP

Bras tacks ----------

Please inquire us with MODEL and target price,spinet,console, grand. color for example--KF1,RX6,KG2,CE11,CS40 etc. It goes without saying that U1-U3, UA1-H. Our advice--importer will take hard time without piano MODEL information

Used piano price:10 year 40-50% less than brand new.10-20year:55-60% 20-30 year65-70%, but all depend on condition.It can be seen that that over 20 year old ones are junk piano. No stocks having the capitol letter "U" and "T" serial numbers.

Payment:TT and Irevocable L/C at sight only, no transferable L/C please. Shipment;30 days right after firm offer L/C price is higher than TT note.

Bank information: receiver's name:Kuroyanagi Kazuo. receiving bank;TOKAI BANK, MIZUO DO-RI, JAPAN Account NO:1044490 LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR ORDERS.


TEL FAX +81-52-823-8429, TEL+81-90-3425-1375 price range--1998 U1, next U3, next, UX1--higher priced. Baby GP Yamaha, Kawai haven been stocked 1998/Dec. Our warehouse is located in Nagoya forwarding agent's yard