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Yahoo auction insted of you

Translate Japanese yahoo auction into English ones.
YOu cannot be member of Yahoo auction.
You put Japan Yahoo auction address in the long squre column, disergarding
other funny letters, reasoning that your PC cannot catch up such Japanese
funny letter. 

1)We buy any itesm from Japan Yahoo action instead of you, but you transfer
  money in advance, because we must pay any right after we bought.
  No credit card available, but bank telegraphic transfer only. If we cannot
  buy, we do next near item, We e-mail passport ID with photos before you bank
  transfer. If you are worried about money advance, forget it, please.

2) Used cars in Yahoo auction. We buy a car, trusting to what seller say to us.
   To check out car, transport fee a lot, from Nagoya to Tokyo back and forth
   Yen20,000.- From Nagoya to Osaka, Yen8,000.- As long as near Nagoya city,
   we can check out cars. 

3)Comission range; Over Yen500,000.- to Yen800,000.-, Yen70,000.- per item.
                   Over 800,000.-  item               Yen150,000.-per itme.
  we do not handle under Yen500,000.- basically, but negotaible comission
rate. These are birds eys views of Japan Yahoo acution. Most of sellers
say do not ship internatinally, but we ship internationaly. We are Japanese
Car exporter, so we are versed with export procedures.

First you get acustomed to Japan Yahoo auction system, then come back to us
if you are ready. Let us know, and we are ready e-mail our passport to you

Under Yen500,000.- used car, buy from our homepage, we do not do comission job.

Kuroyagi shouten Ltd japan.
tel fax+81-52-823-8429, tel +81-90-3425-1375
No.305 Mitani, 4-15 OIso-dori, Minami, Nagoya
457-0048 Japan, Near Nagoya Port.
all homepage sometimes closed and opened because of
free homepage and bandwidth. Used drag performance parts,
boart sales, outboard marine engine etc.

myammar1000 is our Japan auction ID

Link important

Japan excite translation place, just click: Except blank colmun, dis regarding all funny letters excite blank colomun

You copy teh above URL and paste into in the above excit blank long squre box, so anyting done. English lettered Japan Yahoo acution will appear in front you. In this case use car Japan Yahoo auction.